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Welcome To My Slap Shot Page.


Welcome to my Slap Shot Page, this site is completely dedicated to Slap Shot, and all it represents. The Fights, The Blood, The Language, and as Everyone Knows Old Time Hockey Like Eddie Shore.

One of the most famous parts in Slap Shot. Puttin on the Foil; Yep, Every Game.

When you think of Slap Shot you think of the Hanson Brothers about 97% of the time, the other % of the time you are thinking about the Final Scene with Dr. Hook fighting Reg. With Braden doing a strip on the Ice (I am not thinking actually about the strip) Just the fight.
Who could forget about Joe McGrath, with his famous modeling shows and attempts to sell the Chiefs.

This is the part where we first see the Hanson's Skate, boy are they rough.

Lets not about Dave "Killer" Carlson, what a strange person. He knows how to take and give a punch especially his fight with McCracken. That was a great fight.

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